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Volume-Based Discounts

For large-scale document notarization, we offer bulk discounts for businesses that process 10 or more documents per month. The payment method is flexible, you can choose to have US Virtual Notary bill you at the start of each month, or have your clients (the signers) pay at the time of scheduling.

Reservation Management Software

Our Reservation Management Software grants you access to a business dashboard with real-time updates on all of your clients' notarization. In addition to providing real-time updates, US Virtual Notary offers tools to enhance your business operations such as online scheduling, customer management, and seamless document and video retrieval.

Remote Online Notary Software

Join our rapidly growing community of satisfied notaries and enjoy the convenience of remote online notarizations with US Virtual Notary Software. Choose the plan that suits your needs and revolutionize your notary services today!

Custom Integration

US Virtual Notary partners with your organization to create a streamlined process tailored to your specific needs. Our services include creating custom-made co-branded landing pages and providing specialized notaries with expertise in handling your specialized documents, all aimed at ensuring the success of your business.

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